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my "best books of 2023" list, by categories i've made up

Sadly, I have not been compensated for recommending the books listed here.


Most Quotable


Read 'Em and Weep (multiple winners):



Disclaimer: some of the weeping related to this book will be the 'crying-laughing until you choke' variety



Best Book About Being Swallowed by a Whale Since Pinocchio


WTF Did I Just Read?


Best Introduction to a Memoir, Hands Down


The Truth-is-Stranger-Than-Fiction Award Goes to...

Pro Tip: Don't skip the epilogue


Best 'How Can This Be Happening in the 20th Century??' Books



Best Audiobook Because Jeez...

it's Meryl Streep reading Ann Patchett!

Click on the title link to listen to a sample if you don't believe me


The Best Dystopian (We Hope) Novel of the Year

Sorry, I didn't manage to save any quotes from this one before returning it to the library. It showed up on lots of 'best of 2023' lists, for good reason.


Ticked All The Boxes For Me in 2023


I read several others that I liked a lot, including What the Dead Know by Barbara Butcher , Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson , and Shrines of Gaiety by Kate Atkinson . Follow me on Goodreads and see what I'll be reading in 2024.

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