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Catch it if you can

I didn't think I'd be able to stomach "Don't F**ck with Cats", the new Netflix documentary about a kitten killer/torturer and truth be told, I did watch some of it through my fingers. They don't show much of the actual video footage shot by this sicko as he tortures and kills kittens (after weirdly "loving on them", as our primary narrator describes it) but even the little bit they do show is enough to turn your stomach.

That said, it's totally worth the watch. Lots of people know about the murder and subsequent bizarre acts committed by Luka Rocco Magnotta in 2012. But this film focuses on his beginnings as an animal abuser (putting it mildly) who posts videos of his heinous behavior online and the group of Facebook sleuthing cat-lovers who manage to identify him through pretty impressive methods. They warn the Toronto police that he is likely to graduate to human victims but this warning was ignored and as a result, the young student Jun Lin died horribly at the hands of this monster. There are also fascinating glimpses into his film obsession and desperation for the spotlight. And of course, his poor delusional mother who believes him to be the victim of a puppet master named Manny.

It's not easy to take but it's so well done, so beautifully filmed, and even funny at times. The Facebook armchair detectives are right out of central casting. There is more detail about Magnotta and the attempts to track him down in this Cosmopolitan article as well. Take a deep breath, be prepared to cover your eyes (and ears) a few times, but see it.

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