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how much has really changed since "Mad Men"?

Rewatching "Mad Men" because my boyfriend has never seen it. Although he's horrified by the rampant misogyny the show highlights, he said "Well, this was 50-60 years ago...". True, but the only things that have really changed are some laws making it more difficult for men to behave this way openly at work. The underlying mindset still exists, the gender stereotyping and inequality still exist, and in extreme cases the toxic masculinity results in rape, murder and/or mass shootings by men who are angry that women turn them down. Men in powerful positions in government continue to try and disempower women and the control we have over our own bodies.

Raise your boys carefully and thoughtfully. Makes sure they have friends of both genders. Girls shouldn't be treated like alien beings who only become relevant when they are objects of crushes or sexual conquest. They should be introduced as full-fledged PEOPLE to your sons at an early age, worthy of friendship and respect. Have co-ed birthday parties, playdates, even sleepovers. Find sports activities that aren't segregated by gender.

Teach your kids about sexism by substituting gender with race or reversing the genders in examples like "how would you feel if your soccer team was only for white kids?" "have you ever seen a football game where men dance around in Speedos at halftime?"

I'm probably super keyed into this now that Emma Larson is pregnant and I know the kinds of stupid remarks she'll have to deal with based purely on genitalia (not to mention the gender "affirming" clothing).

Sure, there's been some hard fought progress made since the Mad Men days but sexism, institutionalized and otherwise, persists.


My parenting bible on this topic is now out of print, but if you can find it anywhere grab it:

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