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A Real Madrid Weekend

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Madrid for a photography gig for Phil. I did a bit of exploring on my own (don’t bother with the Hop On/Hop Off bus there. It was terrible and most of the audio units didn’t work. Their solution was “change your seat”. Since they sell more tickets than seats, that didn’t help at all.)

Overall, the city is beautiful with magnificent architecture and parks. Tapas are full meals so don’t make the mistake I did and order two if you’re not a big eater!

The best restaurant we stumbled upon was called Iclan Brutal Bar. Ambiance and food were mind blowing!

The highlight of the weekend was scoring tickets to the Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid (New Yorkers can equate this to a Subway Series between the Mets and Yankees, but with 85,000 people in the stands). What an experience!

The trip was too short, so a revisit will be necessary in order to see the museums and other landmarks. Will be back with part two once that happens!

PS: A bonus for me were the number of GREYHOUNDS I spotted in the city! So happy to see the people of Madrid adopting retired greyhounds and galgos!!

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