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grab zagreb!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

With Croatia's exciting win in the World Cup Semifinal match against England, I thought this was a perfect moment to continue our photo journey there. As mentioned previously, I'd wanted to go to Croatia for some time, but it was a business assignment that finally took me there.

After our lovely weekend in Dubrovnik, we flew to Zagreb with little to no knowledge of that city. All my ideas about Croatia had revolved around the beautiful coastline and islands. Imagine our surprise when we found out what a feast for the eyes (and tummy!) awaited us in Zagreb!! It's an extremely walkable city although public transportation abounds. What struck me most is how GREEN it is... lovely parks everywhere, as well as a big pedestrian only center (no bikes either) which again makes it pleasantly walkable. We only had a few hours to explore this time around, but would go back in a heartbeat.

croatia, zagreb, flags, world cup, FIFA

All photos are by Phil Yisrael and ©pdymedia. Full Instagram feed here

In addition to the beautiful static images of the city, as we walked past the cathedral one night we were treated to this impromptu musical interlude by a group of students and their teacher. Absolutely magical!!

The best meal we had in Zagreb was at Capuciner Grill & Steak Bar (and I don't eat red meat). The menu is puzzling as it contains everything from Italian dishes to Middle Eastern to Mexican. You'd think when a restaurant claims to do everything well, it does nothing well. WELL, this certainly wasn't true here! Every meal at the table was enjoyed (and there were six of us). My fish was to die for...

When in Croatia, don't miss an opportunity to try the red wine called Dingač. We loved it so much we bought a bottle at the airport. Just one though, giving us another excuse to return to that lovely country.

PS: I know the US isn't all that into the World Cup, but I'd venture to say that Bob's Big Boy is a Croatia fan...

croatia, Bob's Big Boy, World Cup, FIFA

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Jul 04, 2018

Thanks Judy!!


Jul 02, 2018

I really enjoy reading about your travels!

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