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weather or not

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Anxious to get out of the cold, windy Holland weather, pdy and I decided about a month ago to plan a warm sunny weekend away somewhere...our first together. I loved the time I spent in Mallorca last year in February, so suggested we head down there as late March would certainly be a bit toastier than the sweater-weather I had experienced (although still lovely). We arrived to chilly sunshine, but it was still a delight to see that yellow thing in the sky.

When we arrived at the Jumeirah Port Soller we were blown away by the view from our room (called a "mountain view" suite but we could see the mountains and the port and even a bit of the sea) and the spectacular one you see above from the infinity pool. Unfortunately the next two days were rainy and crappy to the point where we really couldn't go anywhere, but thankfully the food at the hotel was surprisingly good and by Monday the sun showed itself again and we went sailing with the guys from Mezzo. Except for a few "yorks" from pdy as a result of the choppy seas, it was a glorious day on the water. We also took the tram up to the town of Soller and back, so got to experience the beauty of the port and the town.

I was a bit sad not to get to show him Palma or to do a tapas tour with Marialaura of Mallorca Urban Adventures, but now we'll just have to go back in the warmer weather.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos on Instagram and the additional ones I've put here.

Read my Trip Advisor reviews here:

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